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Mold removal can become very expensive if the mold you find is in a place you cannot get to. It may not be feasible to clean up the mold yourself unless you want to hire a professional mold removal company. You have to consider the cost of the removal and replacement of damaged materials as well as the cost of a professional mold removal company. Professional mold removal companies usually charge more than a household mold removal company because they deal with larger mold issues and have specialized equipment to handle the job. In most cases mold removal companies also offer a mold assessment which can cost additional money.

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Mold Inspection: Before the crew arrives, do some initial mold testing to find out what kind of mold you have and to know if you have a mold problem. You should also have a mold testing kit with you that is used for mold testing on contaminated areas like basements and attics. Most mold removal companies will provide the kits free of charge.

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Mold Treatment: The average cost of mold removal includes extraction, removal, replacement and mold remediation charges. The average cost for removal and infestation is around $300. Replacement costs can vary depending on whether or not the mold is still alive. If it is not then you will need to pay the difference. The total average cost of mold removal and remediation can be much higher than the cost of a professional company because of all the costs that go into treating and removing the mold.

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Moisture and Air Quality Testing: When mold removal teams arrive at your home they will test your air quality first. They check for harmful bacteria and mold growth using air monitors. These air monitors are attached to a vehicle which transports the samples to the mold removal lab. Once there the mold inspectors look for any signs of mold growth on the surfaces inside your home as well as outside. The inspectors will also look for signs of termite infestation. They will look for wood rot and other problems that can indicate the presence of mold or termites in your damp environments.

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Exterior damage Testing: If there is exterior damage to your home the mold removal team will also do some testing to see if there is a mold growth on the exterior surfaces. Exterior damage can include shingles, vinyl siding, bricks, asphalt, and concrete. You may need to have the foundation and base treated before the inspectors can arrive to take the samples. Sometimes a small amount of insulation may need to be removed and replaced if there is water damage.

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Protective Gear: For effective mold removal many people will need to use a respirator, protective clothing, safety glasses, gloves, and a mask. Your health will be highly affected by breathing in large amounts of mold spores. You may need to throw away all non-porous materials, and wash your hair as mold spores are inhaled. Many types of allergies can be caused as well. Clothing options include wearing synthetic materials like polyethylene, as it allows your skin to breathe while being kept dry. Glasses and goggles are important to keep your eyes protected from the UV radiation.

Water Damage Inspection: If your home has water damage the mold removal team will most likely need to be called to come out and evaluate the damage. First responders and emergency medical services may need to be called as well. Any pets in the home should be taken to the veterinarian and cleaned up if contaminated. A good air quality inspection should be performed before you begin removing mold. Mold remediation companies use ozone machines to kill mold and bacteria in the air and then they apply antimicrobial chemicals to stop future mold outbreaks. Mold removal is often part of a full water damage inspection and remediation package.

Mold removal isn’t the only type of mold remediation service. Water damage cleaning mold, chemical damage cleanup, structural damage repair, insulation replacement and energy efficient home repair are all services offered to mold affected homeowners. Mold remediation can be done quickly, easily and completely for an affordable price. Professional mold removal teams have the knowledge and equipment to do a thorough inspection and mold clean up that will prevent further mold outbreaks.