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Mount Arlington Mold Removal

Mold Remediation Services

Mold commonly lives in carpets, walls and ventilation systems. It may not be visible and doesn’t always have a distinguishable odor. However, if present mold removal should be a top priority.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Mount Arlington

Free Mold Inspections
In most cases, our certified mold inspectors will inspect your property free of charge and provide a formal estimate for mold removal and remediation within 24 hours of the visit. Mold inspections are performed by fully licensed and insured inspectors, using advanced instruments and proprietary techniques to conclusively test for mold.

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Air Quality & Mold Testing
We focus on accurately diagnosing and solving air quality issues stemming from mold damage, water damage and fire damage. We use a state-of-the-art, full service, microbial analyses laboratory for all of our mold and indoor air testing. We use a third-party laboratory to eliminate any potential conflict of interest.

Best Mold Remediation in Mount Arlington, New Jersey

After properly determining the issue we can provide the appropriate solution to restore the property back to its original state.

Mold Removal & Remediation
Living in Mount Arlington mold can be a significant issue and should not be ignored. Mold can lead to health hazards, structural damage and property depreciation.

Nash Everett provides home and businesses owners with tried and true processes and procedures to properly diagnose and solve mold problems and concerns.

We use anti-microbial products that were approved by the EPA and conform to the guidelines created by the EPA’s Mold Removal for Schools and Commercial Buildings.
We also follow the IICRC S520 Guideline for Professional Mold Remediation.

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To properly remediate and remove this mold for good, you will have to find out where the moisture is coming from. Neglecting to find the source of the moisture will only lead to more mold developing over time. A number of detailed procedures will need to be performed for successful mold removal & remediation.

Reducing the overall level of moisture in a structure is among the most important parts of getting rid of harmful mold. In order to reduce the chance of further mold issues, the materials that were affected by the moisture will need to be removed completely.

We follow IICRC protocols on all of our mold remediation projects carry a 24-month warranty. The team at Nash Everett have helped many members of the Mount Arlington, NJ community.

Important Things to Know When Mold is Found in Your Home

If you are reading this then chances are mold was discovered in your attic. Whether it was discovered when you were buying/selling your home or you just
happened upon it, don’t panic!

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Mold is everywhere around us and the majority of the time attic mold is nothing to worry about. Then, what’s the big deal? Mold is slowly eating your home resulting in a shortened shingle life, weakened decking material, and even rafter/truss failure in extreme cases.

Why does mold grow?
Mold grows due to a moisture source. Since mold and mold food is everywhere mold spores are just waiting for moisture. When moisture is added to a spore it’s similar to a seed that is watered. It grows roots and a body which is collectively called mycelium and eventually fruiting bodies called sporangium which have spore sacs. These sacs burst when disturbed ensuring the continuation of the colony. Mold moisture sources are normally one of the following:

Roof Leak – This is a direct leak from the outside and usually the most obvious.

Poor Ventilation – Poor ventilation is the most common. Many homes have the right number of vents but they are blocked with insulation. Don’t be fooled by baffles (cardboard or Styrofoam pieces at the eave of the home inside the attic), most insulation companies put them in after and they are plugged as well.

If your home has no venting or insufficient venting then baffles are needed only after eave vents and/or ridge vents are added.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan – building codes change over the years. Your exhaust fan may vent to your exterior if your home is newer, or if it has been fixed over the years. Prior to code changes in the early 2000’s home builders were allowed to exhaust fans in the attic. This elevates moisture so much that even a working ventilation system cannot stop mold growth.

General Humidity – A home’s humidity comes from many sources, showering, cooking, a damp basement, etc. Your home breathes from the bottom up; this brings all that humidity right to the attic. Mold can grow as soon as the Humidity hits roughly 70%.

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