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Nash Everett is the expert to call in the Irvington, area to clean up and restore your home or business. When water damage or fire damage happens to your home, you need our help and you need it fast. Our experts are available to take your call 24/7 and respond to your emergency quickly.

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For over 20 years, we have been assisting clients to clean their residence after the smallest incident of mold to the largest, tragic incident of fire. Our level of professionalism and integrity is unmatched in this area. Call us, the experts at Nash Everett when you need help with water damage, fire damage, or mold damage.

Mold seed is on every surface of every home in the world. There is also a food source on almost every surface of the world. If we add water, the mold seed will sprout just like any other seed would. This means that the only way to control mold growth is to control the water. Most homeowners have no idea why and where condensation occurs in their homes.

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Nash Everett are the experts in the field of Building Science and know where the moisture will be in your home and why it is there. Mold is simple to control… if you eliminate the water source it is impossible to grow. Our mission is also simple. We want to help homeowners end their moisture problems once and for all and restore their homes back to the way they were before the fire, water, and mold damage. If you see visible signs of mold, condensation, and/or moisture, call us immediately

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There are many factors that must be considered before you attempt to remove mold. We get asked daily “What should I use to kill the mold?” The truth is “killing” the mold is not the question that should be asked. “What is the water source” should be the first question. If you do not stop the water source, it does not matter what you try to kill it with because new mold seed will be on the surface right after you get done “killing” the fuzzy stuff. Without stopping the water source, the new mold seed will soon sprout and you will have significant growth again. A bigger issue may be that every time you attempt to “kill” the mold, you are spreading the mold spores (seed) throughout your home.

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These mold spores will not leave your home for a long, long time because they are so small, meaning you will be breathing in this spore over the next few months. We suggest calling a professional to assess the situation and determine the amount of mold colonization, the water source (generally condensation), and the correct protocol for successful mold removal. The improper removal of significant areas of mold colonization can release large amounts of hazardous contamination into the air.

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This can be a significant health risk for you and the rest of the household. Even future occupants can be affected by hazardous contamination and toxins released into the air from improper handling. Nash Everett’s missions are to help you breathe easier!